Selected Stories

David has written hundreds of stories for the New York Times, Bloomberg News, the Texas Tribune, the Atlantic, the New Republic, the Washington Post, the Columbia Journalism Review, the Toledo Blade, the New Haven Independent and the Yale Daily News. Here are some highlights.


The Three Abductions of N: How Corporate Kidnapping Works, New York Times

How to Win Back Loved Ones Lost to Extreme Views, Bloomberg Businessweek

America’s Trumpiest Attorney General Isn’t Letting a Little Staff Revolt Stop Him, Bloomberg Businessweek

The Missed Business Opportunity That is Pro Tennis, Bloomberg Businessweek

U.S. Businesses Are Fighting Insurers in the Biggest Legal Battle of the Pandemic, Bloomberg Businessweek

The Super League Debacle Forced Manchester United’s American Owners to Listen to Fans, Bloomberg Businessweek

An Acclaimed Crime Reporter Leaves Her Newsroom for Police Work, Columbia Journalism Review

The Other Calhoun, Yale Daily New Magazine

How World Soccer Daily Went Up in Smoke, Howler Magazine


How to Get Rich Sending Low-Income Workers to College, Bloomberg Markets

Working at Equinox: ‘It’s Very Hunger Games,’ New York Times

Failures on the Diamond Princess Shadow Another Cruise Ship Outbreak, New York Times

Labor Fight Collides With the Pandemic at Trader Joe’s, New York Times

‘Where Is My Son?’ A Migrant Father Was Deported in May. His Son Is Still in a Shelter, TIME Magazine and Texas Tribune

Fun Stories About Food

Building the Perfect Meal with Sheep Lungs and a Suitcase, New York Times

A Boom Time for the Bean Industry, New York Times

15 Minutes to ‘Mayhem’: How a Tweet Led to a Shortage at Popeyes, New York Times

An In-N-Out Burger From Heaven and How It Fell Back to Earth, New York Times

One Whopper Jr., Hold the Toy, New York Times


As Meat Plants Stayed Open to Feed Americans, Exports to China Surged, New York Times

Dumped Milk, Smashed Eggs, Plowed Vegetables: Food Waste of the Pandemic, New York Times

Meat Plant Closures Mean Pigs are Gassed or Shot Instead, New York Times

Pork Chops vs. People: Battling Coronavirus in an Iowa Meat Plant, New York Times

As Meatpacking Plants Reopen, Data About Worker Illness Remains Elusive, New York Times


Escape Artist Accused of Freeing Carlos Ghosn Can’t Evade Reckoning in Japan, Bloomberg News

Ghosn Probe Finds Daughter Met Accused Escape Accomplice, Bloomberg News

Carlos Ghosn’s Accused Escape Plotters Tap Lobbyists Over Extradition, Bloomberg News

Ghosn’s Alleged Escape Accomplices Ramp Up Lobbying Campaign, Bloomberg News

Carlos Ghosn’s Escape Preparations Spanned the Globe, New York Times

Worker Smashes ‘Racist’ Panel, Loses Job, New Haven Independent